Hyderabad City cops bust Arab marriage racket

Sheikhs arrested in 'contract marriage' racket in Hyderabad

This came after the police were investigating cases of child marriages and contract marriages in the old city and found out about the global human trafficking circle. The police also arrested a Mumbai chief Qazi, besides four lodge owners from Old City and about ten brokers. They play the main role by identifying vulnerable families that are ready to sell away their daughters because of poverty.

"The sheikhs spend huge amounts of money on the brokers ranging from Rs300,000 to Rs2 million for minor girls".

The chief Qazi from Mumbai, Farid Ahmed Khan, identified as the master of the racket involved in preparation of fake nikahnamas (marriage agreements) and marriage certificates was also arrested.

"The parents of such girls were paid around Rs 1 lakh, while the sheikhs spent between Rs 5 to Rs 10 lakh for paying middlemen, qazis and procuring fake documents", he added. "Police teams including women constables will go and monitor their activities constantly", City Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy said.

The police have also identified 35 local brokers including 25 women, who help sheikhs select the girls and perform the marriages with the connivance of qazis. "We will seek their police custody for interrogation to find out the involvement of others in the racket that has been going on for some years now", the police official said.

While Al Mayahi Habib Ali, Al Salehi Talib Humeid, Al Ubaidani Juma, Al Salehi Nasser Khalif Hamed and Al Qasini Hassan are from Oman, Omer Mohammed Seraj, Hamid Jabir and Safeldin Mohammed hail from Qatar. Police is in search of the Qazi for he allegedly took a few lakh rupees from an elderly Oman national.

The Commissioner said all the brokers, suspected lodges or guest houses, offices of suspected qazis and other identified places and persons are being geo-tagged with coordinates (longitudes and latitudes). He forged marriage certificate with Oman Embassy stamp. The police also raided four lodges in Old City and caught one of the Oman national red-handed, while he was about to marry a 15-year-old minor girl.

Summary: Hyderabad: Hyderabad police on Monday night raided house of Qazi Ali Abdullah Rifai, of Talabkatta, to nab him in connection with an alleged "contract marriage" case. The hotel owners were also made a part of the racket as they were providing the platform for the process from display, selection and solemnisation of the marriage.

The Commissioner suggested that the Minority Welfare Department follow guidelines to curb child marriages.



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