Hurricane Lee is now the 5th major hurricane in 2017

The Royal Gazette newspaper reported Tuesday that treacherous sea conditions caused by Maria, which earlier inflicted massive damage during its deadly rampage across the Caribbean, have prompted the container ship Somers Isles to delay its arrival in Bermuda until Thursday, while another cargo vessel, the Bermuda Islander, is expected to arrive a day late on Friday.

Meanwhile in the tropics, the news Wednesday was that Maria was upgraded back to a hurricane with 75 miles per hour winds.

Hurricane Lee continues to strengthen in the Central Atlantic Ocean, and the tiny hurricane appeared well-organized with a clear eye in satellite imagery.

Forecasters said that by the weekend these systems will have drifted away from the tropics, and as they lose connection with warmer tropical waters they will lose this source of energy and weaken rapidly as a result, adding that the waters in our latitudes of the North Atlantic are far too cool to sustain an actual hurricane.

The pair are expected to meet and join in the mid-Atlantic at the end of the week.

Hurricane Lee may come in a little package with hurricane-force winds extending out only 35 miles, but it's got some punch.

Thereafter, the system has some potential to become a tropical storm in the Atlantic as it should generally move away from the SE U.S.

The storm is weakening, but there is still potential for it to batter the United Kingdom with strong winds.

At this point, and to this meteorologist, the models seem to be indicating a "large in size" tropical storm.or perhaps even a hybrid type storm.

A normal hurricane season has just two major hurricanes.

The next named systems in the Atlantic Basin will be "Nate" and "Ophelia".



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