Hurricane Jose weakens a little as it turns east in Atlantic

Water rises up to a sidewalk by the Miami river as Hurricane Irma arrives at south Florida. Carlos Barria Reuters

Utilities reported some 6.9 million homes and businesses were without electricity in Florida and neighbouring states and said it could take weeks to fully restore service.

On Tuesday morning, the remnants of Irma were blowing through Alabama and MS after drenching Georgia.

More than half-million people were ordered to leave South Florida causing a heavy traffic on the highways.

"Everybody's got to be patient as we work through this", Scott said.

By the time it hit the peninsula the storm had been downgraded, and by late Monday it had weakened further to a tropical depression. says about 2,000 US flights scheduled for Tuesday were canceled by early afternoon, including about 500 in Miami and 400 in Orlando.

"Details are still being finalized, we hope to have some of that ironed out later today", Sanders said.

At Big Pine Key, just west of Marathon, the monster storm's Category 4 winds, churning 130 miles per hour, shredded one neighborhood, CBS News' Mark Strassmann reports.

Before making landfall in the Florida Keys, the hurricane killed 38 people in the Caribbean islands.

If you aren't caught up, here's what happened on Sunday: When Irma was still a healthy Category 3 and 4-force hurricane in South Florida, its outer winds blew from the northeast into Tampa Bay, pushing the water out to the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's gonna take some time to allow people back in their homes", Long said. With a storm surge of 28 feet, combined with a broken levee, the city of New Orleans was quickly underwater.

Now, for the people of the Caribbean and Florida, the painstaking task of starting over will begin.

Even so, the storm continues to assert its presence, with 2 to 5 inches of rain - and as much as 8 inches in isolated pockets - expected through Wednesday across SC and northern Georgia, Alabama and MS into Tennessee and North Carolina.

President Donald Trump urged people to "be careful, be safe" during Hurricane Irma.

10 people have been killed in Florida, Georgia and SC.

Among the seven, three died from vehicle crashes; one was killed after he lost control of a truck that carried a generator as winds whipped at tropical-storm strength; another was electrocuted by a downed power line and pronounced dead at the scene.

"I've been in Miami Beach for two years, which is prone to flooding, but this is completely out of the norm", Kiener told ABC News.

"We have maintained and kept law and order on the BVI, which at one point, could have dramatically threatened the already unfortunate plight of those who had been hit by the hurricane", he said. In Sandy Springs, a man died while lying in bed after a large tree broke and fell on his home, the Sandy Springs Mayor said.

Hurricane Irma was the longest-lasting powerful hurricane or typhoon ever recorded, worldwide.



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