How many weeks pregnant is Kate Middleton?

How many weeks pregnant is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton and husband Prince William aren't royals who particularly like to follow traditions. She wants to have a natural birth at with a midwife by her side.

For the birth of her 3rd child, Kate Middleton wants to break the traditionKate Middleton, pregnant with her third child, wants this birth to be exceptional. She reportedly wanted to give birth to Charlotte at the Palace but was eventually persuaded to go to the hospital. Though not as obvious as the major chop to her long flowing tresses, Pippa also might have touched up her hair color.

Motherhood has gotten her out of attending events and doing work.

The source added to the publication that Kate had only discovered her pregnancy five weeks ago.

The palace shared with the world that the pregnant royal is suffering from severe morning sickness, a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

Kate was too sick to bring her son, Prince George, to his first day of school last Thursday however the four-year-old was accompanied by his father, Prince William. "She was desperately sad that she couldn't make it but she is on firm bed rest now until she feels better". Kate Middleton is interested in giving birth at her home or at Kensington Palace.

According to a report by the Express, the Duchess has always wanted more than two children.

Peter Andre and Emily Macdonagh only had their most recent child, Theodore, last year.

While the first trimester has always been hard for Kate, the couple are again receiving lots of support from their nearest and dearest.

But since the birth of their daughter in 2015, it seems that the reality has changed: "They had Charlotte, and it was a lot easier". So, Kate Middleton won that argument and now a third one is on the way. I said to our nanny: "'What am I going to do when I go back to work?' and she said if he does anything for the first time when I'm at work she won't tell me, she'll say nothing and let me see it for the first time myself!"



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