Hillary Clinton Swipes At Joe Biden In New Book

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Bernie Sanders on Wednesday shrugged off criticism made by his former presidential primary challenger Hillary Clinton in her new book about the 2016 election, saying that he's instead focused on new issues.

"My response is that right now it's appropriate to look forward and not backward", Sanders told The Hill.

Clinton's book, What Happened, comes out September 12, and is published by CBS Corp's book unit Simon & Schuster, which might explain why the former secretary of state chose to go with the network for her first televised interview.

"Our job is to go forward", he added.

According to extracts from her soon-to-be-published book,"What Happened", which have been posted online by a group of Clinton supporters, Hillary Clinton has accused Sanders of paving the way for Donald Trump's "Crooked Hillary" campaign.

"In a voice that swings from defiant to conciliatory to - at rare moments - deeply vulnerable, Clinton does assume ownership where the fault lines are obvious", CNN wrote of the book.

That leaked page ends with a scathing, "I am proud to be a Democrat, and I wish Bernie were, too".

Additionally, Clinton slammed Sanders for getting into the race more to disrupt the Democratic Party than anything.

Pauley is set to interview the former first lady and secretary of state later this week, the results airing on CBS Sunday Morning this Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 am ET.

These arguments about Sanders "may be in tension" says Vox, as Clinton is criticising him "both for advancing an unrealistic policy vision and for leveling personal attacks because there were no meaningful policy differences between them". " She says she found Biden's view of the Democrat Party's woes to be "remarkable" and not in a good way".

Clinton's "What Happened" is expected to be released next week.



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