Hamilton Wins In Singapore As Both Ferraris Retire

Hamilton Wins In Singapore As Both Ferraris Retire

The race had a chaotic start after Ferrari teammates Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull's Max Verstappen collided on the rain-soaked track.

Last week, the sport and race organisers confirmed that the Singapore Grand Prix would stay on the Formula One calendar until 2021.

He took the chequered flag almost 4-1/2 seconds clear of Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo while Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas clinched the other podium spot. During the Grand Prix build-up, fans could access a live 360° video feed from the paddock or during a race, as a driver pulled into the pits, they could complement the action on TV with a 360° view of everything that is happening in the pit lane in real-time. "I could have easily just binned it".

Then, in last year's race, a race marshal who was removing debris had to scamper across the main straight as the cars charged towards Turn 1 after a safety auto restart.

"It dried up and it started to rain just as I started, which was really a real blessing".

"I think there's a couple of us that particularly love those conditions more than maybe others".

The three-time World champion then produced a series of fast laps to extend his lead, remained calm as three safety cars interrupted the contest, before completing the 58 of the scheduled 61 laps to win handily. "It is the toughest race for us", Hamilton pointed out.

With this win, Hamilton has established a commanding lead of 28 points over Ferrari's Vettel.

"It couldn't be a more flawless scenario really for us, being that we are at a circuit where they [Ferrari and Red Bull] were in another world in hotter, drier conditions and we really had not a lot of hope".

It was meant to be the race that put Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes under pressure.



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