Google app code all but confirms squeezable sides for Pixel 2

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Google has released the latest beta edition of Google app 7.12. However, it's not clear if you'll just select a different hotword from a list or be able to make one up yourself.

While the features the code has thrown up don't paint the Pixel 2 as a smartphone with a suite of headline features, they do indicate that the Google-designed mobile will still be a solid upgrade over the Pixel at both the hardware and software levels.

For the uninitiated, "APK teardown" is where people decompile the latest version of any given Android app and analyse the code. The app also reveals that users can change the "squeeze gesture" on their device to assign another function to the feature. Given that the Pixel 2 is set to be built by HTC, which pioneered the squeezable frame earlier this year, it won't be too much of a surprise if the rumours are correct and Active Edge does indeed bring squeezable sides to the Pixel 2.

The second feature is the "Routines" feature where users can set phrases to invoke a set of commands.

We have heard quite a few rumors so far claiming that the upcoming Pixel smartphones will feature a squeezable frame, just like the HTC U11. However, the main difference is "Routines" allows users to invoke a number of commands while "Shortcuts" allows one command. However, it is not known whether Google Bar is a widget or quick search bar that will be available in the notifications area. Well, this clearly hints that users will be able to activate the Google Assistant with the Active Edge. Google is also working on introducing new voices and hot words for Google Assistant. It appears that Google is planning on expanding its ambient noise library with "sleep sounds" that shut off automatically as you fall asleep.

Last but not the least, the teardown also hints at improved Podcasts support for Google Assistant. The feature may soon be adding more commands, like "Continue last played podcast", which at the moment does not work on any device.



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