Gainesville Police selfie goes viral on Facebook

The thirsty comments on this pic of Florida police helping after Irma are incredible

A photo of three Florida police officers is creating quite a stir, and the comments "made our chief blush", the department wrote on Facebook. Officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering in Florida clicked an innocent selfie before getting ready to work and their picture was posted on the Gainesville Police Department Facebook page.

Others commented, "I can't believe how many women are objectifying these poor, fine, young, strong, handsome, brave, sexy, delicious, virile, ovulation-inducing, mouth-watering, beefy...."

Commenter Robin Lewis quipped: "So if I don't remain silent, will something be held against me?"

And those are some of the tamer comments we can share here.

The update also says Officers Nordman and Hamill were already married, and that both of their wives are enjoying how many people are going insane over their husbands.

The department, after seeing the interest in their officers, added an update to the photo letting everyone know that two of the officers were married, but one, "Officer Rengering (far right with the wonderful hair)", was still single.

"On another note, Officer Rengering is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care, similar to the witness protection program for his safety".

Gainesville police do ask that people don't call 911 to request the group to respond. "There WILL be a calendar".

The department thanked those who commented and said they would try to quickly get a calendar together to raise money for the hurricane recovery. A photo of K-9 Officer Maverick led one fan to say, "Dang! I 3 GPD", says another.

"Officers Raulerson, Craig, Gloeckner & Hughes responded to help our friends at the North Port Police Department & North Port Fire Department this afternoon with rescues due to rising floodwaters from Hurricane Irma", their post read.

Not long after that, the Sarasota Police Department sent backup.



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