Frankfurt 2017 Preview: Honda to debut CR-V Hybrid Prototype

European Honda CR-V previewed with Hybrid concept at IAA image

Honda has released pictures of a prototype hybrid version of its CR-V SUV that's scheduled for unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show on September 12.

The new Honda CR-V will be launched in the United Kingdom and Europe in 2018.

The i-MMD system controls the amount of fuel and electrical energy used for maximum efficiency by automatically switching between EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

There's a new Honda CR-V SUV on the way for 2018, and Honda are previewing its arrival with this, the Honda CR-v Hybrid Prototype, even though the new CR-V is expected to launch with petrol engines (and, apparently, no diesel options), with the CR-V Hybrid arriving a bit later.

The new SUV achieves a balance of elegance and athleticism, with thinner A-pillars that increase the shoulder volume of the vehicle, but also a larger wheel and tyre combination. Both the bonnet and rear flanks gain sharper contours, and the nose reflects the brand's latest family styling with bespoke headlamp signatures. In the mode Hybrid Drive, a 2.0-liter four performs the role of a generator and feeds the electric motor. In Hybrid Drive, the petrol engine supplies power to the electric generator motor, which in turn delivers power to the electric propulsion motor.

More details about the new Honda CR-V for Europe will be confirmed when the production-spec vehicle is unveiled early next year.

There are three driving modes: an all-electric function for the city, a hybrid setting tailored for low-speed urban driving, and pure petrol engine power for the highway. In Engine Drive, the wheels are directly driven by the petrol engine, with an "on-demand" peak power "boost" available from the electric motor. The hybrid system doesn't require a conventional transmission so it is fitted with a single fixed-gear ratio that creates a direct connection between moving components.

It added: "From this point onwards, all new Honda models launched in Europe will feature electrified technology".



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