Facebook Testing Instant Videos To Download Over WiFi

At the moment Facebook’s instant videos over Wi Fi only

Facebook has managed to effectively reduce page loading times for its users with the Instant Articles feature.

Facebook has yet to reveal how it will choose videos for offline caching.

Facebook is working on a new feature called "Instant Videos" and would make sure that users do not have to waste data plan for downloading them.

The company has improved its strategy for video content, including cutting deals for digital TV shows.

Based on current reports, Facebook's Instant Videos appear to be a more automated form of caching, presumably relying on an algorithm to select the video depending on the user.

Watch videos without using your mobile data. Facebook also confirmed that they are testing instant videos to TechCrunch. Beyond that advertisers might be more eager to take up video marketing if users actually watch their videos.

Instant Videos on Facebook are marked with a lightning icon.

It isn't now clear what videos would be downloaded through Instant Videos. How exactly it picks which videos to download remains unclear.

Instant Videos are no doubt part of Facebook's grand scheme to become a video-first social network, but it won't be easy. It even launched the dedicated Watch tab where you'll be able to find all its programs. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Facebook is considering to spend as much as $1 billion in 2018 for its own original video content.



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