Deputies: Girl, 10, abused for months in Oswego County

Mom And Friends Arrested For Torturing 10-Year-Old, Tying Her To Back Of Moving Car For Being 'Naughty'

"This one stands out as probably one of the worst ones (child abuse cases) that I've seen and that our agency has experienced in recent memory", said Oswego County Undersheriff Gene Sullivan.

It was also revealed that the victim had meals withheld and was required to eat one meal a day that was doused with hot sauce, and that the victim was required to work outside all day and was not provided food, water or access to a bathroom and was not allowed to bathe. She was later hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Three children lived in the house but police say she had been singled out and now all three children are now living with other relatives.

According to a press release, the 10-year-old victim fled their Albion home Wednesday and reported to a neighbor that they had been the victim of ongoing physical abuse.

Deputies say the girl was denied regular meals and was given only one meal a day, one that was often drenched in hot sauce.

In one incident, she was forced to put a backpack on each shoulder - one on her back and an additional weight on her front - then made to run on a dirt road.

If she did not go fast enough, they would bump her with the auto they were following her in or tie her to it with a rope and make her run faster, the police said.

The girl's mother's boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, (left) his sister Brandy Shraver 18, (center), and Brandy's boyfriend Shawn Whaley, 23, (right), are all charged with assault.

Autumn gave her leftover pizza and Mountain Dew, since the child was starving.

Leslieann Raeder, 34, the mother of both children, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

"She said that they brought her to the [Happy Valley Game Management Park] because she was misbehaving and they tied her to the truck and they pulled her", said Butchino.

They claim in a sick game they forced her to wear backpacks and would either drag her behind the auto or push her at the front of the vehicle.

Deputies say the investigation continues and more charges are likely.

Bubis also is accused of intentionally burning a 3-year-old's hands in hot water.

Bubis, Whaley and Shaver remain in custody.

Undersheriff Sullivan said that the adults charged singled out the young girl as the "naughty" child.

It was not immediately clear if the defendants had lawyers.



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