Defending the Iranian Nuclear Deal, America should not pull out

Berlin has said German Jews have nothing to fearMore

"What I've noticed over the past two or three months is a genuine and really quite serious intensification of contacts amongst us Europeans, but also with the experts in this administration-on how to increase the pressure on Iran, on what we might do about the sunset clauses, what we might do about intensifying inspections, and what we might do about what Iran is doing in the region", said U.K.'s ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch. Iran was rewarded with $150 billion in a deal to restore the money it lost during the Shah's era; it was also awarded huge contracts to develop its technical and manufacturing capabilities, and most of the worldwide sanctions were lifted.

Despite these facts, the Trump regime has continued to push for sanctions on Iran, which according to Article 29 of the deal, violates the agreement and could lead to the USA pulling out of the deal completely. He also met with several leaders of African countries, and in a tweet about the event, misspelled the country of Namibia as "Nambia", prompting ridicule from Namibian citizens on Twitter and elsewhere.

The diplomats said the deal is in the national security interests of their countries, the Middle East and the world. Will the current U.S. administration be able to break the deal signed with Iran two years ago?

That was deliberate, said Araud said on Monday.

The EU's envoy underscored that Iran was in technical compliance with the agreement and the German ambassador said the deal provides for a safer world.

Iran, along with Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia, was among the six countries, which were targeted by the previous ban. It doesn't absolve President Trump and the administration of the responsibility because the only authority that has been recognized in the nuclear deal to verify is the IAEA. "It would send a signal that diplomacy is not reliable ... that would affect our credibility in the West when we're not honoring an agreement that Iran has not violated". This was the objective that we decided-both of us-both sides, and that is Iran and P5+1 - to work towards, and we reached a deal that nobody likes.

Zarif, who is in NY for the United Nations General Assembly, has taken to Twitter to criticize Trump.

"In a sense what this administration has been saying since it came into office has changed the climate already for Iran", Darroch said. She said after waiting months she only just got a visa interview appointment for her mother to visit her sister, who has lived in the United States for six years.



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