Death toll in Grenfell Tower blaze may be lower than 80

Combustible cladding similar to that on Grenfell Tower has been discovered on high-rises in Glasgow

The final death toll of the Grenfell tower block fire may not be as high first thought, with the Metropolitan Police saying that a number of missing person statements have turned out to be either fraudulent or mistaken.

The police also confirmed that they will be considering individual and corporate manslaughter charges.

Cundy said eight cases involving those who claimed to be in the tower on the evening of the fire, and have tried to access the grants available to survivors and the families of victims are being investigated.

The June 14 blaze began in a refrigerator in an apartment at Grenfell Tower before racing through the 24-story building.

"The scale of it is something that I personally have never encountered in policing", said Commander Stuart Cundy, who has overall control of the Grenfell operations.

Detective Chief Superintendant Fiona McCormack said: "The investigation into what happened at Grenfell Tower is a priority for the Met and we are determined to find the answers that so many desperately seek".

Mr Cundy said it was "pretty unique" to have the public inquiry running alongside the criminal investigation, but promised: "If we identify something that's an issue of public safety, regardless of any investigative concerns, we will share that with whoever is appropriate, and of course that will include the public inquiry".

One of the thefts being investigated was said to involve a "considerable" sum of money, police announced.

Two weeks after the blaze, the Telegraph reported that 60 organisations been identified as having a hand in the tower's refurbishment, which has been widely cited as a cause of the fire. Some 675 firefighters, 340 police officers and a similar number of ambulance staff were part of the response up until 8pm on June 14.

The forensic examination of the tower is ongoing and will continue into the New Year. "A lot of the remains we are finding in there are really fragmented and mixed with other remains. everyone we've identified we expected to find".



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