Dawood Ibrahim's properties frozen by British authorities

Dawood Ibrahim's properties frozen by British authorities

Dawood is believed to be in Pakistan now and has been closely monitored by India for his complicity in the 1993 serial blasts and other crimes, including conducting terror acts on Indian soil reportedly masterminded by Pakistan's spy agency ISI.

According to CNN News 18, Ibrahim's frozen assets include a hotel in Warwickshire and other residential properties across the Midlands.

Dawood left Mumbai nearly three decades ago after the Mumbai blasts in which around 260 people were killed and over 700 were injured.

"We would expect them to walk the talk".

"We do hope that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone to Lahore to meet Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif he would have raised the issue of Dawood Ibrahim and other criminals who are being sheltered in Pakistan that they be extradited to India", he added. Notably, investigators from India visited the Midlands, back in 2015 to identify properties that belonged to Dawood Ibrahim.

According to Indian authorities, the gangster is also closely associated with al Qaida. The ownership patterns and other financial details are now being probed.

Earlier this month, Dawood was the only "Indian national" on an updated list of financial sanctions released by the United Kingdom, which also listed 21 aliases for the underworld don.

These are: Dawood Ebrahim, Sheikh Dawood Hassan, Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz, Anis Ibrahim, Aziz Dilip, Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar, Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar, Dawood Hasan Ibrahim Kaskar, Dawood Ibrahim Memon, Dawood Sabri, Kaskar Dawood Hasan, Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman, Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim, Shaikh Ismail Abdul and Hizrat.

The sanctioned document reportedly lists Dawood's 21 aliases and three recorded addresses in Pakistan, as well. In a validation of India's stand that the man it has hunted for over two decades has been shielded by Pakistan, the United Nations agency amended its entry on Dawood previous year by adding his addresses in Karachi.

Earlier this year, the UAE government had reportedly seized Ibrahim's assets in the country worth INR15,000 crore following an inquiry launched after receiving a confidential list from India.



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