Cruise ship passengers, other travelers left stranded at airport by Irma

JetBlue Airbus A321

American Airlines Group Inc will not resume commercial flights at its Miami International Airport hub this morning but may operate flights to bring in staff and supplies.

She said flights over the weekend to the path of the hurricane are still set as scheduled, but airlines could change plans based on how the storm unfolds. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will leave at 7:45 p.m. and then the airport will be closed for at least the next two days.

Its website says: "The adverse weather conditions caused by Hurricane Irma mean our flights to and from Florida are severely disrupted".

More than 4,000 flights have already been canceled through Saturday in the Caribbean and Florida, according to

The biggest single carrier in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region is American, which accounts of 38% of the flying there, according to Morgan Stanley. When a plane is full, as nearly every flight out of Ft Lauderdale and Miami is now, the computers adjust prices higher, to $1,000 or more.

Delta Air Lines, said Monday that it has canceled about 900 flights, more than a third from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internationa.

Farther north in South Carolina, Boeing said it was suspending manufacturing operations starting on Saturday morning.

As the powerful storm threatened to rip through the Florida coast by Sunday, airlines ramped up the number of flights available out of south Florida airports, where operations were likely to temporarily cease through the weekend and beyond.

Irma, now a category 5 storm, is set to slam into Puerto Rico on Wednesday evening followed by south Florida on Sunday, and many residents are trying to make their way out of the state.

"Looking for flights for the last hour-plus was one of the most stressful experiences I've had in quite a while".

The airport initially tweeted that it would begin limited commercial flights on Tuesday. By 3 p.m., all of XOJet's flights were in the air or about to take off.

United Airlines, which took a substantial financial hit when Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas last week, said it had suspended operations out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a US territory that was being raked by the very powerful Category 5 hurricane on Wednesday afternoon, and had extended a travel waiver to include cities in south Florida.

Dozens of passenger bags were left in the baggage claim area after departing flights were canceled.

An airline spokesman said the timetable depended on approval by federal aviation officials and the ability of security screeners and airport vendors to return to work. She was supposed to fly back to Chicago with her daughter Saturday, but the flight was canceled.

Early morning flights on American Airlines were listed at $350 for a flight from Tampa to Phoenix on Thursday, while flights later in the day averaged around $800 as of Wednesday afternoon.



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