Conor McGregor is being sued for his UFC 202 bottle-throwing incident

Conor Mc Gregor can throwing

This confrontation reached a hectic crescendo when McGregor and Diaz's team got into a odd firefight, whipping water bottles and energy drink cans at one another from opposite sides of the David Copperfield Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The incident occurred when Diaz abruptly left the stage midway through the UFC 202 press conference. Pegg claims his injuries resulted in $5,000 worth of medical bills.

McGregor won his fight against Diaz but received a $25,000 fine from the NSAC along with 25 hours of community service. Considering Conor McGregor, Dana White and the IRS are the only people to have any clue what McGregor really made and MMA advanced statistics are imperfect this lawsuit may feature the most specific arbitrary number ever.

The American boxer has now gone into length about how the whole McGregor fight came about, how his adviser Al Haymon got in touch with the UFC to set it up and even how Showtime commentator Jim Grey from Showtime played a role in initial talks to get the fight on.

In the lawsuit he states that McGregor collected £11m from his fight with Diaz, which saw him "significantly" struck by his opponent 166 times.

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"I told you guys I was going to go straight ahead and I know going straight ahead I was gonna take some contact, I was gonna get hit with some shots but I wanted to give the fans and everybody around the world an exciting fight and I feel that's what we did".

In that fight, the UFC star was promptly finished by Mayweather via a tenth record TKO. Seriously. I watch a lot of movies.



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