Complaint filed in Hollywood nursing home deaths

Complaint filed in Hollywood nursing home deaths

Scott fielded desperate calls from members of Haston's association - seeking generators and assistance evacuating before the storm, and pleading for higher priority treatment from local utilities after it passed, he said.

The home said in a statement that the hurricane had knocked out a transformer that powered the AC. The causes of death are still being investigated. He said most of the patients admitted to hospital have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat-related problems.

The storm also cut off power, water and sewage to the islands, home to some 70,000 people.

At least 56 of Florida's 639 nursing homes still have no electricity on Friday morning, five days after Hurricane Irma. Across the Caribbean, 38 had died.

In Palm Beach County, a woman died and three men were in critical condition after authorities said carbon monoxide seeped in from a generator positioned just outside a home's garage on Thursday.

In all, 141 patients were evacuated from the facility.

A total of 145 people were evacuated Wednesday morning, according to the statement from the city of Hollywood and the police. No further details were immediately available.

A news release from the city of Hollywood says that three patients were found dead in the facility early Wednesday, while others were taken to the hospital and pronounced dead there. He added: "As of Tuesday, [the facility] was reporting that everything was OK, that it was using portable air conditioners and fans". It shouldn't be up to administrators in nursing homes to make those judgemental calls.

The legislation is meant to prevent the kind of tragedy that occurred Wednesday when eight frail elders perished in a Hollywood nursing home-turned-hothouse after a temporary cooling system failed. But the most recent state inspection reports showed no deficiencies in the area of emergency plans.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who appeared with Long, urged people still without electricity in Florida and other affected states to be patient.

Meanwhile, roughly 6.4 million people in the state remained without power as of Wednesday afternoon, down from 13 million.

Federal officials are focused on restoring electrical power and getting gasoline into areas suffering fuel shortages.

The deaths in Hollywood were the grim realization of a nightmare many feared when power flickered out across Florida, a state with sweltering temperatures and a large population of elderly residents.

The Herald contacted Larkin Community Hospital, which owns the rehab center, seeking comment but had not heard back. Rescue crews began going door to door in the 94-degree heat to check on people and hand out water, ice and meals. "Potentially" more people could die, he said. "We worked with them. And we're not leaving".

The girl's death is part of a series of bad incidents in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which ravished Florida last week. "I think it just solidifies, we live in the greatest country in the world", he said. Almost 2.7 million homes and businesses, about 1 in 4 Florida customers, remain without power.

"Things look real damaged from the air, but when you clear the trees and all the debris, it's not much damage to the houses", said Monroe County Commissioner Heather Carruthers.



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