Colorado police searching for serial sidewalk pooper

The jogger has been repeatedly caught short

Police are searching for a woman who has been seen repeatedly defecating in a neighborhood while out running.

Cathy Budde told KKTV the unidentified woman has been relieving herself in front of Budde's Colorado Springs home for at least seven weeks.

Any day you have to go on TV to ask a stranger to stop doing poo on your front lawn is a bad day.

A woman dubbed as the "Mad Pooper" is accused of defecating in front of houses in Colorado Springs. "It's not like it's private, people can see you". The woman reportedly had her trousers around ankles in broad daylight.

"They came screaming, like, you're not going to believe this they are like crying". She said if that was it, there wouldn't be a problem. "I mean we are seeing her!" It was an accident. There are public restrooms available in the area, so why is the runner choosing to use the Buddes' "walkway as her toilet"?

Budde said there is a bathroom located across the street from their residence, porta-potties in a nearby park and one in a nearby gas station.

Budde said she expected the jogger would be "mortified" over being seen and never run in the neighborhood again. She's even worked on an embarrassing smear campaign, posting a sign to get her to cut the. well, you know.

Black said that the woman may have some mental health issues or may be holding a grudge, but said there was no way of knowing her motives until she was caught and questioned.

Budde was once able to take a picture of the woman, who was wearing a gray tank top and shorts and appeared to be a brunette.



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