China: Trump bank ban statement 'not consistent' with facts

Sirens blared in Hokkaido, and the Japanese government urged people to take cover.

Pyongyang also conducted a missile launch, firing a projectile that passed through Japan's airspace near Hokkaido, triggering a public alert.

At the Security Council, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will push for fully implementing a new raft of sanctions targeting North Korea's exports and its energy supplies.

"It is still a diplomatically led effort", he said, pointing to the UN Security Council's recent adoption of two sanctions resolutions against Pyongyang.

Beijing's appeal came as a war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un escalated, with the young North Korean leader calling the 71-year-old American president a "mentally deranged United States dotard".

Reuters reported that Chinese banks were "told to stop providing financial services to new North Korean customers and to wind down loans with existing customers".

The North insists its weapons program is necessary for self-defense. "In what hope of success are we now repeating the very same failure a third time?" he said.

"As long as North Korea continues its provocations, South Korea will keep considering various actions in cooperation with the intensify global pressure on North Korea", the foreign ministry said.

"We've been kicking the can down the road, and we're out of road", McMaster said Friday at a joint press briefing in Washington. There should be no military option.

It was the farthest distance achieved by a North Korean ballistic missile and followed 13 other tests this year as Kim's regime has dramatically stepped up the pace of its nuclear weapons program.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., said the US should intercept such missile tests as a show of force. He said that "we can not deny the possibility it may fly over our country".

A Friday commentary from the North's official Korean Central News Agency accused the party newspaper People's Daily and other party news outlets of "kowtowing to the ignorant acts of the Trump Administration".

In remarks to reporters at the Pentagon, Mattis said Monday that if the missiles were perceived as a threat, "that would elicit a different response from us".

Pentagon spokesman Col. Rob Manning told reporters Friday that if the IRBM had been a direct threat to USA territory or its allies, "we would have taken appropriate action". The missile then allegedly fell some 2,000 km east of the Japanese island.

The U.S. has missile-defense capabilities in the region, including Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems on Guam and in South Korea as well as Patriot missiles. "So instead of aiming their fire at South Korea, it's time for China to actually aim it at North Korea". The watchdog said the North Korean figures were uncertain.

Frustrated that China had not done more to rein in North Korea, the Trump administration considered new sanctions in July on small Chinese banks and other firms doing business with Pyongyang, two senior US officials told Reuters.

"It's just a test so it's not worth it", Jeung said in a telephone interview.

He added: "The one thing you hold that they have no control over".

"It's a big gamble to decide whether or not to do this", he told NPR.



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