Chief under fire after labeling Steelers' Tomlin with slur

Fire chief posts racial slur over Steelers failure to show for National Anthem

September 26-Cecil Township's fire chief has apologized for posting a racial slur on social media during Sunday's Steelers game.

Tomlin just added himself to the list of no good Niggers. "Yes I said it", WTKA-TV reports. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing for the anthem. "I am deeply regretful at what I posted".

A message left with the department's president wasn't immediately returned Tuesday.

Tensions have been escalating over the National Football League protests.

But of course, now that he's being called out for his racist and derogatory statement, the chief, who was out of town on vacation, is sending back all kinds of apologies.

In an act of mass defiance, dozens of players and numerous team owners, coaches and executives either took a knee or linked arms when the national anthem was played before Sunday's games.

The Steelers chose to stay in the locker room during "The Star-Spangled Banner" on Sunday, and other teams opted to either kneeling or sitting during the song.

On Sunday (Sept. 24), Tomlin explained the team's decision and said the Steelers' mission in 2017 is not "to play politics".

He added: "People shouldn't have to choose". So we're not participating today.

Villanueva, a West Point graduate who served three tours in Afghanistan, said he stood outside the tunnel because he wanted to be able to see the American flag.

Here's the thing: Don't be all gangster on social media and even be so bold as to end your missive with "Yes I said it", and then get all passive and apologetic when you're caught.

Smith's racially-hateful rhetoric drew scorn nearly as soon as he updated his Facebook after Tomlin and most of his team made the decision to remain in the tunnel.

Cecil Township's board of supervisors told WPXI they were troubled by the comments Smith made.

Rooney also defended Villanueva, saying the players have "tremendous respect" for those who served in the military.



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