Boris Johnson under fire from Ruth Davidson on eve of Tory conference

While the former journalist is now ineligible to stand in any Tory leadership contest (party rules say candidates must be serving MPs) she is often touted as a future leader of the party.

The comments have been viewed as a swipe at party rival Boris Johnson, who recently laid out his own path for a "glorious" future outside the bloc.

In her interview Ms Davidson took aim at those setting out what she sees as an unrealistic prospectus for Brexit.

Mrs May said the transition period should last about two years, while her Foreign Secretary has declared that anything longer than 24 months would be a mistake.

"If you're not prepared to walkaway you're just a pushover and they dictate to you".

She said she wanted the United Kingdom to be "a fairer place to live for ordinary working people", with a renewed social country promising better living standards for the next generation.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, he insisted Brexit will allow the United Kingdom to "be the greatest country on earth" and "our destiny will be in our own hands".

It is the second time in as many weeks that Mr Johnson has publicly challenged Theresa May on the Government's Brexit policy - interventions that some colleagues have interpreted as an attempt to undermine her authority. I am quite often accused of having a kind-of, sort-of have-a-go element about myself as well.

"Yes, we have to get the best Brexit deal - but we must also take action here at home to make this a fairer place to live for ordinary working people", she said.

"It doesn't just happen by accident, it requires a lot of hard work and it requires application".

Earlier this month she said Brexit could deliver a blow to the economy which the country does not recover from, as the Tories continued to be split on Europe.

"I'm sure Theresa May will be leader of the Tory party after Christmas, she has my full support, she has been doing an excellent job".

Ms Davidson was praised by United Kingdom political leaders past year after being perceived on both sides of the European Union referendum debate to have had a good campaign, memorably taking on Boris Johnson in a debate in London. Not a second more.

If the current Brexit infighting in the party ends in a leadership battle, Ms Davidson will be seen as a key "kingmaker" with one right-wing columnist claiming that whomever the Scottish Tory leader backs will be 'halfway to number 10'.

Despite rejecting calls to move from Holyrood to Westminster, the Scottish Conservative leader had the backing of 19 per cent of the party faithful.

Joe Twyman, head of political and social research at YouGov, said: "The question of who will take over from Theresa May and when is likely to dominate the Conservative Party Conference".



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