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NewsBackstage News Why Shane Mc Mahon Is Wrestling At Hell In A Cell By Kyle Da Costa

Vince came to the ring after Owens called him out, and Vince warned him about what would happen if Owens went through with his lawsuit. Owens agreed to the match but not before seeking one condition: permission to lay into a McMahon.

SmackDown LIVE's latest episode closed with the visuals of a blood soaked Vince McMahon being helped to his feet by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Kevin Owens then hit Vince McMahon with a headbutt, and he busted him wide open before going to the top rope and hitting him with a frog splash.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon is 72 years of age and yet has proved he can still take a beating like the very best in pro-wrestling. This would send Shane over the edge as the Commissioner would attack Kevin Owens, pummeling Owens before Daniel Bryan was able to break it up.

McMahon even clarified that he did not suspend Shane for attacking Owens, but for "not finishing the job".

Vince McMahon made his return to WWE Smackdown Live, but he ended up leaving bloodied and beaten after Kevin Owens viciously attacked him.

Owens agreed to the match, but laid out the condition that he be allowed to lay into "A" McMahon without fear of outcome, which Vince accepted. We even saw that Vince was bleeding when Owens headbutted him, and it didn't really look like a work.



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