Bernie Sanders Just Gave His Best Speech in 2 Years

Sanders Diplomacy Human Rights Must Drive US World Affairs

In the new EOT (Era of Trump), it is no longer unthinkable that a bilious and cantankerous former socialist mayor from Vermont turned Senator could win the presidency in 2020, once more upending American foreign policy.

Still the senator, who fell short in his bid to win Democrats' presidential nomination a year ago, said the top global problem isn't war but rather global warming, and second is income inequality and a "movement toward worldwide oligarchy".

"Orienting U.S. national security strategy around terrorism essentially allowed a few thousand violent extremists to dictate policy for the most powerful nation on earth", Sanders will say.

As during his 2016 presidential primary fight with Hillary Clinton, Sanders outlined a world order that defies the simple ideological paradigm that pits hawks against doves and interventionists against isolationists.

Sen. Bernie Sanders presented his view of the role of the United States in the world in a foreign policy speech Thursday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says the United States needs to adopt a progressive approach to foreign policy if numerous crises facing the world are to be resolved in the future.

Sanders notes that after World War I, the allies punished Germany.

Back in 1946, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke during the series and unveiled "the Iron Curtain" as a way to describe the arrival of a cold war with Russian Federation. But so far there's been precious little of it. Kim Jong-un, the portly pariah of Pyongyang, is apparently gearing up to fire off another ICBM, which will undoubtedly prompt Trump to issue a new fusillade of tweets condemning Rocket Man. Iran seems to be unbowed by Trump's threats to upend the nuclear deal and the Europeans are indicating they won't follow in Washington's footsteps. He used those as examples of the "unintended consequences" of military action.

Sanders also specifically called out President Donald Trump's failure to more clearly denounce the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who demonstrated at Charlottesville, Virginia last month, saying: "There are no two sides on that issue".

"That is real leadership".

Trump Tightens Sanctions Against North Korea
Trump Tightens Sanctions Against North Korea

Sanders will highlight why he believes his approach best serves Americans ― not by offering them promises of amorphous US influence, but by directly addressing their daily needs.

"Politicians can give a speech about how bad a dictator is or regime is and we're going to go in and clean it up", he said. "It is is a struggle about what this great nation stands for", said Sanders.

Once and possibly future presidential candidate Sen.

"Given the constant domestic crisis of the Trump administration-the latest insanity being another last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare-it's understandable that the Democrats haven't focused as much on his foreign policy", Vyse noted. "The movement if anything it's stronger than ever", said supporter Kurtis Wu.

Sanders focused his speech on threats that are shared across the global community that many countries have an interest in addressing collaboratively - issues like climate change, economic inequality and terrorism.

"Foreign policy is about whether we continue to champion the values of freedom, democracy, and justice, values which have been a beacon of hope for people throughout the world, or whether we support undemocratic, repressive regimes, which torture, jail, and deny basic rights to their citizens", Sanders said. "He ensured that it did not have almost the impact it might have", Bennis said.

Both believe Sanders is turning his attention to foreign policy at a time when the US public ― particularly young people to whom the senator is particularly appealing ― is ready to see American power in fresh ways.

The Iraq War "was intended as a demonstration. of American power", Sanders said, "it ended up demonstrating only its limits". Younger Americans now see domestic problems in the inherently tied to worldwide issues, Hurlburt noted.

And, Sanders said, the struggle starts here.

"War is racist to the core", she said.



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