Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Connection Costs $10 a Month

Eddy Cue Apple's senior vice president of internet software shows the new Apple TV product

The new Apple Watch 3, which comes with cellular connectivity and several new technologies, carries a price tag of Rs29,900.

Both models offer swim-proof protection, so, one can wear the watch in the pool or in an Ocean.

While Apple has resolutely refused to reveal sales figures for its smartwatch, Tim Cook said during today's keynote that Apple Watch sales have grown 50 per cent, year on year.

The US technology giant revealed its latest smartwatch during a major launch event at its new headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday. However, it's clear that use of the Global Positioning System or LTE enthusiastically drains the battery, and an hour's phone conversation over LTE could render the Apple Watch 3 a dead stick unless you have a way to recharge it during the day.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has the same OLED display of its predecessors, which means it's a 1.65in screen with a resolution of 272 x 340 for the 38mm and 312 x 390 pixels for the 42mm version.

Whether the cellular-connected version will provide a meaningful uptick in demand remains to be seen.

Apple didn't skimp on the Series 3's S3 dual-core processor, which it claims is 70 percent faster than the one found in the Series 2 Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 looks, acts, and feels nearly exactly the same as the Series 2 with a key difference-LTE wireless connectivity, whether your iPhone is nearby or not.

The new Apple TV 4K has a dedicated sports tab that has every live and upcoming game, and as seasons change so will the sports tab.

The pricing of new Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329, however, this model does not support LTE.

Both the Apple ecosystem products improve in design and functionality.

Through a new study with Stanford Medical and the FDA in the United States, the Apple Watch will also alert wearers to an unexpectedly elevated heart rate when they aren't doing anything strenuous and use that data to better understand arrhythmias and other heart conditions.

Heart rate data will be included on the face of the Apple Watch for the first time, providing at a glance view of heart rate. Assuming that LTE connection is solid, the watch should become that much more useful for people like me who want the option of leaving their phone at home while they go for a long run, or even if you just want to leave your phone in the house while you mow the lawn.

According to Apple's battery information page, talking on the phone is expensive, at least in terms of battery life. Three new versions are included: an all-new gold version, alongside the grey and silver colours.

Manufacturers will start the pre-orders of the watch from September 15th.

Working with researchers from Stanford University Apple will use the sensors built into Apple Watches to observe and analyze arrhythmias.



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