Apple introduces Apple TV 4K to revive its streaming video hopes

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As the name suggests, this new Apple TV model ushers in support for streaming 4K content to compatible TVs. Tim Cook said TV is at an "inflection point" with the mainstream adoption of 4K. We'll all applaud. It will feel good. Actually, Apple TV is also a full-fledged video game console too.

As iTunes material can usually be downloaded to your laptop or iOS device (or perhaps internal storage on the Apple TV itself), this potentially reduces the bandwidth requirements a tad.

I'm not advocating that Apple outright steals a good idea.

Will you be buying the Apple TV 4K? In addition, may even start selling Apple TVs again (they were pulled from the web retailer in 2015). After Apple works through a better way to deliver video content, it needs to turn its eye to Siri, the personal assistant who's just feeling a little outdated compared to Google Assistant and Alexa.

Stay tuned for more in the smart home space from the Apple TV too.

The new Apple TV is powered by the same A10x fusion chip in the iPad Pro, and Apple says it packs two times the processing power than the previous generation.

But why is this such a crucial step for Apple?

Because 4K HDR films aren't exactly the lightest load on a processor.

As for the storage issues, Apple recently upgraded the file size cap of apps on the App Store from 2GB to 5GB. Do some quick math and you'll see that 32GB just doesn't get you as far as it used to. Since the HomePod isn't due out until later this year, but developers are playing with it now, the leaks for Apple's future plans are coming thick and fast, right from Apple's own code.

Apple has launched Apple TV 4K at its iPhone X event.

The fifth-generation version of the box will offer 4K resolution streaming, allowing for sharper picture quality than existing models when paired with a 4K television. It's now pretty much standard above a certain size, which means the fourth-gen Apple TV is rapidly starting to show its age.



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