Apple all set to unveil its high-end iPhone X

The Apple event begins at 10 San Francisco, which is 1 p.m. EST. The Cupertino based company will be holding this event at the Steve Jobs Theater in their brand new campus.

This year Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of iPhone. The debut of the iPhone X on Tuesday may answer that question.

For example, the post credits the HTC One M8 for being the first device to take advantage of fast charging/quick charge, while the Xiaomi Mi MIX is listed as the first to boast a bezel-less design. The home button is also expected to make an exit, which will be replaced by a new Face ID to unlock your phone.

But obviously, we won't know what the iPhone X is or what else Apple has up its sleeve this September until Tim Cook and friends announce the new products on stage. The tech giant could be saving the best for last because previous reports have noted that the iPhone X is going to be in extremely limited stock for customers due to several factors during launch day. There were others like Longhorn (@never_released) who tweeted about iPhone X featuring a USB Type C port instead of the company's proprietary lightning port. Nearly 70% of total sales of the iPhone 6S were after the iPhone 7 was launched because the model became cheaper and also because the 7 wasn't attractive enough feature-wise.

The big Apple event is finally a couple of hours away and the excitement among the tech geeks and Apple enthusiasts is at its peak.

As Apple prepares to launch one of the most significant iPhone in years, technology company Qualcomm has come out with a list that hints that all the features that iPhone X may come with are already there in Android phones.

Investors will also be closely looking at pricing for the new device to gauge the margins that Apple can garner.

What we can say with some certainty is that we will get three new iPhones and one of them will likely look and feel entirely different from the rest.

The added expense of using OLED screens - organic light-emitting diodes - was expected not only to boost the price of the new handset but to constrain supply, and potentially delay arrival of the smartphones to market.

"Are we at the point where this is now a mature device and the types of improvements you're going to see are better screens?" he said. So we went on a Internet hunt to compile the lesser known facts about the iPhone that you most definitely did not were true.

Although the listing was removed by Verizon, hawk-eyed users were able to spot it and share captured screenshots on Reddit.



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