An On-Air Interpreter Has Been Accused Of Signing Gibberish During Hurricane Irma

An On-Air Interpreter Has Been Accused Of Signing Gibberish During Hurricane Irma

"To watch that, knowing I could provide a qualified, certified interpreter".

This sign language interpreter was not one of them. County officials tell WPTV they were "in a pinch" to find a qualified professional interpreter for the briefing, so they asked an employee.

While residents of Manatee County, Florida, waited for information about evacuation plans and shelters on September 8, a man in a yellow polo and red shorts, standing alongside emergency management officials, was instead signing about pizza, dogs, cats, bears, and monsters. She said she was horrified when she saw the broadcast.

Chris Wagner is the former president of the National Association for the Deaf.

Greene, who uses the sign language to communicate with his brother, signed words unrelated to what the speaker was saying at the news conference, it said.

The press conference turned out to be an insult and a disaster, according to members of the deaf community.

BuzzFeed News reviewed videos of the county's subsequent briefings, and found that they did not include an interpreter.

Wagner said Greene also fell foul of basic good practice for interpreters by wearing a bright yellow shirt, thereby making his hands less visible to deaf viewers.

He feels like this was a slap in the face, especially since he used to work in Manatee County for many years.

"When he started signing, I was totally shocked", Charlene McCarthy said.

We spoke with the interpreter's family Tuesday night.

But they definitely didn't need to worry about pizza, bears, or monsters, despite what deaf and hard of hearing residents were warned by a sign language interpreter working for Manatee County during a press conference on the incoming storm. The interpreter's family said he was asked by his bosses to step in and help during a crucial time.

The deaf community is still outraged and wants an apology from Manatee County officials.

"He can't expect to communicate something he doesn't know".



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