AIMPLB holds workshop to educate women on talaq

Govt's submission on triple talaq is attack on personal

Sunday saw the meeting of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) taking place to discuss the Supreme Court's verdict on instant triple talaq. However, it considered the Centre's submission in the Supreme Court about all other forms of their marriages as an "attack on the personal law".

As per the statement which was read out by Kamal Faruqui, an executive committee member of the board, it was of the view that Islamic/Sharia law is based on the Quran, Hadith, Ijma and Qiyas.

Based on the report of the committee, the board will decide the future course of action on whether to challenge the court verdict through a review petition or not, said another AIMPLB member Dr Asma Zehra.

Although no review proposals came up at the meeting, the marathon meeting did criticize the government for the supposed attack on the Muslim personal laws, and thanked the Supreme Court for not venturing out in that direction.

The board considers the central government's stand as an attack on the personal law of Muslims and contrary to the protection guaranteed by the Constitution of India. "We make categorical statement that the community can not and shall not tolerate such attack on personal law of Muslim community". "A propaganda is on for the last three years to project Muslim women as the most oppressed and unhappy, but that's not true". We have to assert ourselves - that we don't want our laws to be changed, " she said.

A resolution was passed in this connection in a meeting of the Board's executive body held in Bhopal today.

The committee would also be required to examine the apex court's order and identify if there are any inconsistencies in the order with sharia.

It claimed that it has taken steps to discourage this practice through community reform programmes for a long time. Although they agreed to abide by the rules laid down by the court decisively, they maintained that " the process has to be judicial without bringing politics into it.



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