6 dead in Florida nursing home

Trump thanks Florida first responders for Irma work

"We believe at this time they (the deaths) may be related to the loss of power in the storm".

The city first "became [aware] a crisis was unfolding at the facility after multiple calls in the early morning hours" Wednesday, city spokesperson Raelin Storey said this morning. The center was left without full air conditioning after the hurricane hit, and the deaths stirred outrage over what many saw as a preventable tragedy.

Officials said responders "found several patients in varying degrees of medical distress". "Visually, you could see that they were sick", said Memorial Regional Hospital Dr.

At a recovery center in Naples, Mr. Trump passed out bananas and pointed to a silver tin of hoagies-"Here's a nice one!"-as he mingled with residents and volunteers". She said the county could not elaborate as to the conditions of the five people who died, or what shape any other patients at the home are in.

Glendale Owens, the daughter of one of the men who died, said she last visited her father in the nursing home Monday and everything seemed fine.

The vast majority of South Florida remains without power three days after Irma nailed South Florida.

Four more died in hospitals after the sweltering facility was evacuated Wednesday morning in a chaotic blur of events that prompted checks of other nursing homes in the area.

Florida's biggest utility lined up fix trucks in the Miami area, but officials say it could be more than a week before electricity is back for everyone.

Calls to the owner and other officials at the Hollywood home were not immediately returned, but the facility's administrator, Jorge Carballo, said in a statement that it was "co-operating fully with relevant authorities to investigate the circumstances that led to this unfortunate and tragic outcome".

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is not part of the Memorial Healthcare System.

"What we know now is that a portion of the facility did, in fact, have power, that there was a hospital with power across the parking lot from this facility and that the nursing home was required to have a permanently installed, operational generator", said FPL's Peter Robbins in a statement.

Irma, which ranked as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record before striking the USA mainland as a Category 4 hurricane on Sept 10, killed at least 84 people.

She also added that the rehab facility is located across the street from a hospital, which did not lose power during the storm.

Rescue teams responded to an emergency call on Wednesday and found two elderly residents dead at the facility.

As a precaution, officials were checking on all of the other 42 assisted living facilities in Hollywood on Wednesday, NBC Miami reported. "This facility was not listed as a top critical infrastructure, top-tier critical infrastructure facility, and that's what we work with the counties, for them to help identify those facilities", said Gould.



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