19 dead as refugee boat capsizes in Black Sea

Agence France-Presse

According to earlier reports, four migrants were killed in the incident.

At least 40 migrants were rescued by coast guard boats and commercial ships, the Coast Guard Command said in a statement. It sank 64 sea miles off the coast.

As the route to Europe became increasingly hard after Turkey shut down traffic to Europe in a deal with the European Union in 2016, many migrants and refugees have turned to the Black Sea where a new route has opened up. "The Coast Guard is continuing to search for the 13-15 missing", the statement said.

The death toll from the shipwreck was expected to rise as search efforts continued to find another 15 to 20 missing migrants. He also emphasized that his unit had prevented crossings through various security measures. "We do not even let an unregistered bird fly by", he said.

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The shipwreck survivors were taken to the port of Kefken aboard a Turkish coastguard vessel and treated at a mobile hospital at the port, Anadolou said. Two heavily injured migrants were taken to Kocaeli University Research and Train Hospital, while one of the pregnant women who was rushed to the hospital lost her baby despite all efforts.



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