YouTube Debuts First Logo Change In Its History & New Design

YouTube Debuts First Logo Change In Its History & New Design

The upgraded desktop experience leverages Google's design language, Material Design, which influences things like how the left-side navigation can now be tucked away with a click on the hamburger menu; the size and placement of key elements; and the overall cleaner look-and-feel.

The new look and the new logo will be rolling out to users starting today. That will be a very interesting experiment, indeed, given how many of us are used to swiping back in forth in Google Play Movies and often forget the different interface when we switch back to YouTube.

With YouTube on the verge of celebrating its bar mitzvah, the 12-year-old video site has unveiled a sleek desktop redesign and a bevy of new features for its mobile app.

However, for end users, the most noticeable changes were about the way YouTube looked.

Channels owners can take advantage of this new logo and use the brightened up icon as an abbreviated logo if they want to highlight their channel on a device where space is limited.

The mobile app is seeing some changes and new features, too. The new, white header is a serious improvement. Given that portrait video isn't going anywhere, any change that makes videos shot like that easier to view is probably worthwhile. In the coming months, a new gesture will let you jump between videos by swiping left to watch a previous video and swiping right to watch the next one. Even the YouTube logo is getting a bit of a revamp, with a red and white play button in front of the name. (This is not live today, but is being pre-announced). The service is trying to expand beyond user-created videos and into more professional content, better enabling it to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, which are all also investing in their own shows and movies. Numerous changes build on recent updates. So if the video is vertical, the player will become vertical.



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