You can now set colourful text-based status updates on messaging app

Whatsapp new colours

This feature was first introduced by Facebook late past year on its Android app first, allowing its users to write their status update with a colourful background, font, and emoji combination. The update will let people customise text statuses by choosing a specific font and background colour, or adding a link too, instead of just sharing images, GIFs and videos - all of which will last for 24 hours before disappearing.

The feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Although WhatsApp Status failed to gain popularity and its criticism led the company to roll-back the old "text-based status updates", the Facebook-owned company is still trying to market its "Status" feature.

Whatsapp status

WhatsApp Status is a Snapchat's Stories like feature allowing user to share photos and now even texts with friends and family. The feature was recently spotted on Windows phone for beta users. Colored backgrounds on status updates are supposed to increase engagement, and while many users find them annoying, Facebook clearly believes they are working given it is pushing them out across its apps. This feature was released as the latest update to WhatsApp for Web with the version number 0.2.5854.

However, don't confuse WhatsApp Status with the older option on the messaging app.

Whatsapp said, "The new feature makes it easy to share creative text-based status updates". Just tap and hold the word you want to format, and select the option from the floating options that appear. The Status updates are now part of the web client as well, though you can't upload a status update from the desktop.



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