What We Know About the Attacks in Spain

В результате теракта в Испании пострадали граждане 18 стран

A third said he saw a van driving "around 80" kph (50 mph). If the involvement of ISIL is confirmed, it would be the latest in a string of attacks in the past 13 months in which they have used vehicles to bring carnage to the streets of European cities. The perpetrators' motive is still unclear.

Police closed down the city center Thursday evening, after the van zigzagged down the packed Ramblas before the driver escaped.

The 57-year-old man, from Granada, was the first Spanish victim to be identified from the Barcelona attack.

"The attackers at Cambrils were in an Audi A3 and apparently knocked down several people before coming across a police patrol and a shoot-out ensued", said a spokesman for the regional government of Catalonia, where Cambrils is located in Spain's northeast.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack, the deadliest in Spain since more than 190 people died in the 2004 Madrid train bombs. The terror group has not mentioned any names nor did it post any photos or additional details about the perpetrators.

Hundreds of people gathered in Plaça de Catalunya, which is metres from the boulevard where yesterday's terrorist attacks occurred.

The two officers suffered minor injuries but did not require hospitalization, according to police.

Both Germany and France were hit by devastating attacks in Berlin and Nice past year as crazed terror nuts drove lorries into large crowds of tourists. Police believe the explosion, which killed one person and injured seven others, was caused an attempt to make explosive devices. Authorities later said the explosive belts were fake. The dead and injured are from over 24 countries.

The dead and injured came from countries as varied as France, Venezuela, Australia, Ireland, Peru, Algeria and China.

One person each from Hungary, Macedonia, Austria and Turkey was wounded.

A Belgian was among the dead in Las Ramblas, Belgium's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last night.

Spanish authorities believe there may have been 8-12 people involved in the terror cell and that the group had planned to use butane gas canisters in Thursday's attack.

All scheduled public events were canceled. "Terrorists will never defeat a united people who love freedom in the face of barbarism", Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wrote via Twitter as he rushed to Barcelona. The department said Friday that diplomats from the US consulate in Barcelona are continuing to work with local authorities to identify victims and provide assistance to Americans.

"Spain, we grieve with you and denounce hate and violence in all of its forms".



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