Vijender Singh aims to down Zulpikar Maimaitiali

Vijender Singh's challenge is to keep his focus on the fight ahead of Battleground Asia

August 3 (ANI): WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion Zulpikar Maimaitiali arrived in Mumbai for his much-awaited double title fight against Indian knockout king Vijender Singh at ' Battleground Asia'.

An already WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight champion, Vijender will now also own WBO Oriental Super Middleweight championship belt after his victory over Maimaitiali. While Vijender holds the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title, Zulipikaer holds the WBO Oriental super middleweight title.

"I am very confident and hope that the fight will be good and India will win, my strategy will majorly depend on how he (Maimaitiali) plays, I will set my game according to him I have worked on my technique".

Where is the bout between Vijender Singh and Zulpikar Maimaitiali?

Vijender and Zulpikar have exchanged heated words in recent days in an attempt to gain the psychological advantage in the run up to the fight.

In his short career in pro boxing, Vijender has shown just how brutal and devastating he can be, not caring for the opponent pitted against him.

"To move up the ladder, Vijender has to take on younger fighters, those with better pedigree, and Zulpikar fits that bill", Tomar tells The Field.

Ever since turning to pro boxing, Vijender Singh has been climbing up the ranks, winning fight after fight.

Talking about his opponent Zulpikar, "First of all I will meet more tougher opponents than Vijender". "This is India versus China, I don't need anything and I am excited, I know the whole of India is with me". I don't think there is any challenge.

The Indian makes it clear that his strategy would be to be responsive to how his opponent manoeuvers the bout. Both fighters have put their belt at stake, with the victor taking home both titles. "I am experienced.I don't consider him as experienced boxer, he is young, but he is a strong kid and we are ready for it".

Vijender, who remained unbeaten since his debut in professional boxing, has also fought eight bouts, last one being against former world number one boxer Francis Cheka from Tanzania where he defended his title.



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