USA role in Yemen-UAE offensive confirmed

Suicide car bomb kills at least 5 in Yemen

The Pentagon announcement came after the United Arab Emirates on Thursday said it was launching a "major" operation.

Shabwa is one of several provinces in Yemen in which AQAP is active.

The small number of troops are there to help with "intelligence sharing", Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said, though he did not rule out that more US forces could be committed to the operation in the coming weeks. The Pentagon said the main purposes of their presence is "intelligence sharing", at least for now. "The operation is being closely supported by a combined UAE and USA enabling force", he said.

The spokesman of the coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, Colonel Turki Al Maliki, has stressed that the Coalition has no relationship with the shortage of fuel at Sanaa Airport for aircraft of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as the city is under the control of Al Houthi militias and ousted Saleh forces.

Mr Jacques said "U.S. support to the Yemeni people serves to enhance stabilisation efforts in the region" and that "eliminating AQAP, as well as Islamic State influence from the region, will significantly degrade extremist activity in the area to set conditions for stabilisation efforts in Yemen". American special operations forces have also conducted a limited number of raids on terrorist compounds in recent months.

-United Arab Emirates operation to clear al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) from its remaining pockets in the Shabwah governorate, according to multiple reports. The operation faced relatively little resistance as the militants mostly fled into the interior of the country.

The ongoing civil war in Yemen has pitted its government, backed by Saudi Arabia, against Houthi rebels, which are backed by Iran. With limited air and port access, along with a almost nonexistent ability to access medical care, starvation and cholera have swept the country, leaving its population facing a humanitarian crisis on a scale not seen in decades.