Two NASA official eclipse viewing locations in Hampton Roads

Kathy McNeilly second from right director of the Oak Ridge Public Library and library employees presented a pair of solar eclipse glasses to City Manager Mark Watson center on Thursday Aug. 10 2017. Also

Mining the data from NASA, here are all the total solar eclipses touching the US over the next 100 years.

Who else is excited about the August 21 solar eclipse? Viewing the full total eclipse is offered inside the dome theater from a NASA feed.

I hadn't thought about that sides of things myself, until I came across an article in The Washington Post this week about how the Little League World Series is going to handle the eclipse, which will pass through its Williamsport, Pennsylvania, complex a little after 1 p.m. The focused sunlight can melt the filter and damage the eyes. "This will eliminate sun glare blooming and give you a clear image of the solar disk", NASA says. Homemade sun filters and regular sunglasses do not provide sufficient eye protection.

"The event is being referred to as 'The Great American Eclipse", because an approximately 70-mile wide path from OR to SC will witness a total eclipse of the sun and nearly the entire continental United States will see at least 60 percent of the sun obscured. A lot of people for the love of watching the coast-to-coast solar eclipse might find themselves purchasing them forgetting the danger they pose. In addition to making sure that eclipse shades or handheld viewers meet the ISO safety standard, they suggest making sure they're in good condition.

At Lake Mead, 71 percent of the sun will be eclipsed. During totality, the corona has a wide range of brightness so it's best to use a fixed aperture and a range of exposures from approximately 1/1000 to 1 second.

Considering that demand, the American Astronomical Society has updated its safety advice "in response to alarming reports" of unsafe eclipse-viewers popping up online.

To take images as the Sun is being eclipsed, you'll need to use a special solar filter to protect your camera, just as you'll need a pair of eclipse glasses to protect your own eyes.

Get help from an astronomer before using a solar filter with a camera, telescope or other optical device.