Trump bankrupts Secret Service to pay for constant vacations and luxury travel

Trump bankrupts Secret Service to pay for constant vacations and luxury travel

According to the paper, this is largely due to Donald Trump's decision to split time between multiple residences and vacation frequently, with each of those trips costing a small fortune.

President Trump has 42 people under Secret Service protection, which includes 18 members of the Trump Family.

That means that around 1,100 agents aren't going to be compensated for overtime hours, leading Alles to speak with important lawmakers about taking measures to raise the overtime and salary cap for his agents, even just for the duration of Trump's first term in office. In addition to that attrition, Congress was forced to approve a one-time fix for about 1,400 agents who had amassed thousands of overtime hours earned above compensation limits. Mr Trump, whose many adult children require protection during overseas business trips, has a large family that has spread agents and budgets thin. Following a number of breaches to White House grounds in 2014, a probe into the Secret Service's found that agents were asked to work an "unsustainable number of hours".

Trump and his children, some of whom have positions in the White House, have taken numerous trips to Florida, New Jersey and Virginia where the president owns property, as well as to areas overseas.

"The president has a large family, and our responsibility is required in law", Alles told USA Today."I can't change that".

Don't forget Melania and Barron in their golden tower, where agents have to rent space from the president to protect his wife and son.

"Normally, we are not this tapped out", says Alles. In one such example, Eric cost the Secret Service nearly $100,000 in hotel rooms alone during a business trip to Uruguay. "I have no flexibility", Alles told USA Today. Read the full USA Today article, which outlines recent Secret Service expenditures, including $60,000 in golf cart rentals at two Trump properties.



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