Tom Cruise injured on MI6 set

Tom Cruise appeared to injure himself while filming a stunt for “Mission Impossible 6” Sunday in London

Tom Cruise was injured during a stunt for "Mission: Impossible 6" when he jumped from rigging on to a building but appeared to miss his mark. But he fell short and slammed hard into the side of the landing building.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the actor is harnessed to cables to keep him aloft, and can be seen leaping from the top of one building to another.

After Cruise pulled himself onto the roof, he briefly continued the scene by limping off camera, nearly looking like the fall short was a planned part of the stunt. The Mission: Impossible franchise has become a consistent showcase for at least one wild stunt that Tom Cruise has chose to do himself.

Cruise is then seen pulling himself up and limping over to the film's crew members, who are just feet away. The extent of his injuries is unknown.

Cruise was performing a stunt on set where he was jumping from building to building. "I told them, 'Don't stop filming.' I was hit by a tiny particle from the runway and I literally thought it broke my ribs". No word yet on the accident's impact on the London-set production.

Earlier this year, Cruise revealed the title for the upcoming Top Gun sequel as Top Gun: Maverick in reference to the character he played in the original film.



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