This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Rest Your Feet On The Dashboard

Audra Tatum's injury

Her husband warned her about the risky habit, but Tatum didn't care - it was comfortable.

Tatum assured him he was wrong.

The impact of the crash was minor but the air bag threw Audra Tatum's foot into her face and sentenced to her a lifetime of pain.

Now, two years later her life is still affected by the accident.

"We were heading to my parents to pick up our two sons". Everyone was able to walk away from the scene with scrapes and bruises, except for Tatum.

"The airbag went off, throwing my foot up and breaking my nose", she recalled. "I was looking at the bottom of my foot facing up at me", Tatum said.

"Basically my whole right side was broken, and it's simply because of my ignorance", she said. "I'm not Superman. I couldn't put my foot down in time".

Following the accident, Audra had to have several surgeries and weeks of physical therapy.

Tatum says that she hopes that by spreading her story, she can stop others from making a tragic mistake like the one she made two years ago.

Audra Tatum from Walker County in Georgia has chose to share her experience from a couple of years ago in the hopes that other people will learn from her mistake.

"I can't do my career as an EMS". "Now, I have 6 screws and a metal rod in my femur from where my femur broke in 4 places", she said.

According to WTVC in Chattanooga, Audra Tatum was riding in a vehicle with her husband when she found out about the consequences of resting a foot on the dash first-hand. "Once I'm at that 4-hour mark I'm in tears".

"I keep telling everybody, you don't want this life", she said.

Officials with the Chattanooga Fire Department are reminding people of the potential consequences of riding with their feet propped up on the dashboard.

In a Facebook post, the department said that airbags deploy at speeds between 100 and 220 miles per hour.

She added that she was thankful the airbag deployed, because she could have suffered even worse injuries if it hadn't.



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