The statues that haunt America

Robert E. Lee Statue Defaced At Duke University Chapel

The Charlottesville experience could be read either to suggest that Confederate statues must be taken down to keep white supremacists from having a rallying point, or that trying to take them down gives them one.

Some have suggested moving statues of Confederate heroes to battlefield parks where they fought.

If we only gave statues to ideal people, Jesus would be the only one - and even then, only if you are a Christian. The statue, which had been damaged on Wednesday, stood alongside other historical figures at the entrance of Duke Chapel. "We have representative government where everyone has the opportunity to weigh in on all those decisions, and at the appropriate time I will be part of that". One can say the Civil War was an "economic" conflict, but in reality it was a war about white superiority.

The polling organization also asked participants whether they thought taking down Confederate monuments and statues would improve race relations. When invited to an event in honor of a memorial to Confederate soldiers who fought at Gettysburg, he declined. If they refuse to go that far, they at least need to change their mascot to the White Devils.

The problem is that most of the dozens of Confederate memorials in Kentucky are large outdoor pieces, and few history museums have sculpture gardens.

Click on the videos below to discover some of the more nuanced arguments for and against the removal of Confederate statues. The Charlottesville marchers with their torches and chants of "Jews will not replace us" revealed to El-Yateem that in parts of America in 2017, "people are not shy anymore about showing their hate or bigotry or racism".

Charlottesville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday morning to cover the monuments devoted to Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson in fabric as an expression of mourning of Heather Heyer, according to the Associated Press. If we're to take down statues of Lee, why not Washington?

Duke University has cowered to political pressure and is removing the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from its chapel. It was a war of white supremacy. But they weren't insane to treat the statue as a vestige of white supremacy.

The mayor's comments come five days after President Trump compared Confederate leaders to the nation's founding fathers. They get a free pass on rioting, burning down other people's property, looting, robbing, murdering innocent policemen and the list goes on. Their current locations don't show we are a nation of equality.

Governor Scott said he'd review any changes to monuments that made it to his desk, but he suggested now isn't the time for him to voice his thoughts on the topic.



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