Texas woman finds two alligators in her flooded backyard

A sunken boat lies submerged in front houses after Hurricane Harvey hit Port Aransas Texas on Sunday

She originally thought it was a log, but quickly realized it was an alligator that had entered along with ten-feet of water into her fenced in yard.

Floodwaters in Texas could lead to the escape of hundreds of alligators from the Gator Country Adventure Park in Beaumont, park owner Gary Saurage said.

The continuous flooding in Houston is displacing more than humans-bayou animals such as alligators, snakes and fire ants are all looking for higher ground as well.

"Everything that is not from here, we've put up and we have in a safe place, but we live with alligators", Saurage said. "All of these re certified, high fences, but when it won't quit, it won't quit". There have been more than 50 water rescues in the county since midnight.

Saurage said the best gameplan for now is to wait for the floodwaters to recede and allow the displaced alligators to go back to their natural habitats.

- The floods from now-Tropical Storm Harvey has turned backyards into lakes and not one but two alligators were spotted taking advantage of the extra space to swim.

"Holy crap was my reaction", she told the outlet. "There's just no way I can respond to all of them right now", he said. "As long as I don't open my door, I'm fine, but it's still a little creepy", Arlene Kelsech told Chron.com.

"We have seen some snakes. Residents here in Lake Olympia will have sightings in the spring of baby alligators, but never inside our backyards", Kelsch told the Chronicle.

Kelsch kept a close eye on the gator, checking her backyard every 30 minutes or so.

Heeding officials' advice, Keslch said she'll wait to report the gators until the water in her backyard drains.

There are more than 350 alligators just outside of part of its facility on FM 365 in Beaumont.



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