Suspected jihadist accused of plotting drone attack on USA air base

ISIS member from Russia detained in Turkey's Adana

"Today Turkish media reported the detention of Russian national Renat Bakiev on the Turkish territory on suspicion ... of terrorist activities".

A SUSPECTED ISIS jihadi has been arrested in Turkey after allegedly plotting to down a USA jet using a drone, police said today.

Turkish authorities on Thursday detained a Russian suspected member of the Islamic State (IS) Jihadist group for allegedly plotting a drone attack on an American warplane at a U.S. base in southern Turkey.

Dogan news agency said Renat Bakiev is accused of seeking to "stage a bomb attack aiming to bring down a USA plane using a drone" at Incirlik airbase. Turkish private news agency Dogan said a court later ordered him formally arrested pending a trial.

The Alevi religious minority, an offshoot of Shia Islam, is the largest religious group in Turkey after Sunnis.

A statement from police claims Bakiev was affiliated with ISIS and had previously travelled to Syria.

The Dogan News Agency published a photograph of a man it identified as Bakiyev on Twitter.

The suspect is accused of trying to raise money from other militants to buy a drone. ISIS considers Alevis as heretics. He described Alevis as "enemies of Allah", and criticised President Tayyip Erdogan while being interrogated, Dogan said. Turkey was hit in 2016 by a succession of attacks that left hundreds dead in the bloodiest year of terror strikes in its history.

Recently in June, Adana couterterrorism police captured 11 Daesh suspects, including what the media called the Adana "emir" of Daesh, identified as 32-year-old Turkish national Abdulkerim Ç. for planning to carry out a truck bombing at the base.

The United States uses Incirlik, in Adana province, as a key base for air strikes against the IS Jihadists in neighbouring Syria.

ISIS militants have used armed drones to deadly effect in Iraq and Syria.



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