Suspected carjacker wearing no trousers dragged along by defiant motorist

But before the would-be carjacker succeeds in stealing the vehicle the driver once again begins to pull away

A suspected carjacker in the USA was dragged pantless down a road.

A man suspected of trying to steal a vehicle was instead served a healthy dose of karma when he was dragged along the street holding on to the door handles for dear life.

A witness to the incident recorded video and posted it on social media.

The footage, taken Friday in Kent, Washington, shows the thug holding onto the handle of the driver's side door.

Videos posted to Twitter Friday show a man being dragged alongside a vehicle he attempted to steal.

The man tries to open the vehicle door but it starts to drive away again.

The suspect had punched other cars and pulled on door handles in earlier failed carjacking attempts, cops told the station.

The Kent Police Department wrote on Twitter, "Don't try and carjack people".

The vehicle stops and the suspects appears to take another shot at the driver before the vehicle speeds off with the man desperately hanging on. At least one person in the SUV also suffered minor injuries.



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