Sonos may be releasing their own smart speaker eventually

Sonos working on its own device with digital assistant

It seems to be the current OEM trend, with the success of Amazon Echo devices, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc. An all-new smart speaker consists of the voice control functionality that fuelled by far-field microphones.

In other words, the filing strongly suggests Sonos' smart speaker will work with a variety of digital assistants, making it an ideal choice for those that don't want to be tied down to a specific ecosystem.

That would allow folks for the first time on a Sonos system to request music, sports scores, the weather and more all by voice. For example, some are compatible with the Spotify app so you can control your music from your speakers.

Recently, Sonos' upcoming speaker was spotted passing through the FCC as product model S13. They are also close to releasing an official Sonos Alexa Skill which can be a stop-gap solution while we're waiting for an actual smart speaker from the company. Sonos spokesperson stated that its privacy policy now covers future voice experiences and products will have "integrated microphones". Starting today, Amazon is finally adding a feature for Alexa-enabled devices that will let you group multiple speakers together so you can synchronize your music across various rooms.

We previously heard a rumor about a new Sonos Smart Speaker and now it would appear that the device will be unveiled in October.



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