Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

Alvord Public Library to hold eclipse viewing

In San Francisco, the Exploratorium will open early at 9 a.m., and visitors will be able to see the partial eclipse through telescopes and live video streams of the total eclipse from OR and Wyoming. Looking further down the road, we will get a chance to see totality here with the eclipse of April 8, 2024 - the northern edge of the narrow band of the umbra of our moon's shadow will pass right over IU Kokomo.

"The difference between a partial and a total (eclipse) is literally night and day", he said.

This forecast will no doubt change, but it's evident that several weather systems could come into play, ending the party in some spots by early that afternoon. If travelling to see the total eclipse though, be ready for huge crowds and congestion, especially around highly populated areas. There are many more partial eclipses, when the moon never fully covers the sun's face, and annular solar eclipses, when the moon appears slightly smaller than the sun, creating an apparent "ring of fire" in the sky at the point of greatest eclipse.

The moon moves in an orbit around the Earth, which in itself orbits the sun. Plants totaling about 4 GW of capacity-mostly in North Carolina and Georgia-will be at least 90% obscured. For the first time in recorded USA history, our country will get to experience a total solar eclipse. A live web stream of the solar eclipse, as seen from other locations in the USA, will also be shown during eclipse time. "The same is the case for the solar eclipse". Use proper eye protection for safe viewing!

There are usually six or seven total solar eclipses per decade, somewhere in the world. For those who are in Sydney, the eclipse will start by 1:50 am. Look for the "ISO 12312-2" certification and inspect the filters for damage before using them to be sure they are safe. "Buffalo does not lie exactly on the path of totality, but a good part of the sun will be blocked in our area, too". The library will also hand out free eclipse glasses at the event to ensure the eclipse can be viewed safely.

However, many people have fallen victim to phone eclipse glasses that won't actually protect your eyes. The best option is to buy some solar viewing glasses which allow you to look directly at the sun for short periods. They are darker than normal sunglasses and filter out more sun.



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