Senators just unveiled a new bipartisan solution to fix Obamacare

GOP cynicism evident in health care plans

Alexander has forged relationships with leaders of each party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

"I think the President is frustrated", Sen. The list of senators invited to the White House on July 17 to solidify support for the bill included a number of conservative senators and nearly no moderates.

Lawmakers are scattering for their summer recess, leaving behind a slim record of achievements and a steaming President Donald Trump. But their erstwhile hero McCain won his most cherished parting gift as he exits stage-right - the limelight; as the bipartisan wheeler-and-dealer chirping that all it will take to fix Obamacare is to "just get along" and work together with the Democrats.

I asked senators what their message would be to constituents upset with their inability to enact the changes on which they were elected in what's traditionally the most fertile time for legislating. The vote was 92-5 with five Democrats voting no.

But Republican lawmakers, who hold majorities in both houses and yet have no major legislative accomplishments to boast of upon returning home, sure don't seem too thrilled to be heading back to their constituents-many of whom are planning town hall protests and other demonstrations just outside of their local government offices.

Democrats on Tuesday drew a line in the sand. Democrats contend the theory was proven false under the administrations of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, which saw deficits rise after major tax cuts were enacted.

"The best tax reform is bipartisan tax reform aimed at helping the middle class - not the top 1 percent", Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. said. "You can thank Congress, the same people that can't even give us HCare!"

"With the opportunity to unrig the American economy now in front of him, Manchin shouldn't let this chance at meaningful tax reform pass by", Freedom Partners, part of the Koch network, said in an email showcasing Manchin's past remarks in favor of tax reform. Republicans were confident they could muster a simple majority, unlike a health care repeal bill last week that ended debate and doomed a seven-year GOP aspiration to kill Obamacare.

"Mitch M, go to 51 Votes NOW and WIN". McCain is expected to have about 18 months or less to live, so even if he was under Obamacare, he would not have been affected by the outcome of the bill either way. In the House, Short said he has met with the centrist Blue Dog Democrats and the Problem Solvers Caucus, which is spearheading a bipartisan health care bill. "That doesn't mean we agree with everything he says and does, but we still support his agenda, his presidency, and we're not going to fumble the ball".

Still, efforts are underway to write a health care repeal bill in the Senate. Sen.

Heller is working with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., on a bill that would provide states with block grants for health care and allow those states to use those funds as they wish. They're hanging on to one cause for optimism: the appointment of John Kelly as White House chief of staff, which several GOP senators said they hope will calm the chaos on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

They defeated an Obamacare repeal bill despite Trump's pleas. "We're six months into this Congress, [and] we failed on health care".

As the sun rose on Wednesday, it still wasn't clear what the President would do about the next round of scheduled payments to insurance companies, known as CSR's - or Cost Sharing Reductions - which help lower-income Americans afford health insurance through the Obama health law exchanges.