Senator Jeff Flake challenger Dr. Kelli Ward to attend Trump rally

Flake says Trump trade policy could give China an advantage

Last but not least, Trump may step further into next year's Arizona Senate race by tormenting one of his most outspoken Republican critics, the state's junior USA senator, Jeff Flake, and potentially upsetting the delicate balance of power in the Senate.

Trump is in downtown Phoenix Tuesday night for a campaign-style rally but Flake won't be attending.

"Senator Flake has a strong record on border security", a spokesman for Flake told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. Flake and Kelli Ward will be watching tonight's rally to see if Trump takes another swing at his own party.

In the same tweet, he said he was glad that Kelli Ward, Flake's first official primary challenger, is running against him.

Flake recently said he isn't anxious about Trump's attacks, telling CNN whoever Trump opts to endorse is "his prerogative". The Senate Primary is over a year away, but it is already off to an ugly start.

"She bizarrely blamed John McCain for ISIS", the narrator says, "yet dangerously calls for restraint in fighting them".

"That's his choice to make", Flake said. Ward did not even wait a month before announcing she was running again for Senate, this time against Jeff Flake. In addition to Trump's tweeted praise for Ward, the White House has kept up an ongoing dialogue with at least two other potential candidates.

The president's relationship with fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill, especially in the Senate, has strained to the breaking point as lawmakers repeatedly fumble Mr. Trump's legislative agenda.

On Monday, Ward, a former Arizona state senator, released a digital advertisement centered on Flake's opposition to Trump.

"I'm a Republican, we're all Republicans, and I just think the senator should give the president a little room", she said.

Lawrence noted that the general strategist for Ward's campaign is Eric Beach, founder of the Great America PAC that raised $30 million for Trump's presidential campaign.

Although Trump is pivoting off of a controversial couple of weeks following the deadly Charlottesville rally on August 12, Ward insisted that Trump "did the right thing" in condemning both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left for engaging in violence and acting upon hatred. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2016, and Flake promises to prove divisive and could be a test for Republicans of how much they are able to distance themselves from the president without incurring a backlash from his most loyal voters.

"We have got to get away from this notion that it is a bad thing to sit down and work across the aisle", Flake told the audience of about 100 people in a meeting hall in Gilbert.

The ad criticizes Ward for "wasting taxpayer dollars" to convene a hearing where Arizonans spoke about their concerns on "chemtrails", emissions left by aircrafts as they fly through the sky.

Flake's campaign did not return a request for comment Tuesday.



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