School says boy can't go to class until he cuts his hair

School says boy can't go to class until he cuts his hair

When Jessica Oates from Mont Belvieu, Texas, sent her 4-year-old off to his first day of school, at Barbers Hill Kindergarten Center, everything seemed fine - he even said he loved it.

Earlier this month, another Texas mother pushed back against her son's school district after he was told he needed to cut his hair.

Oates questions, to which the woman replies that it's the school board of Barbers Hill Independent School District that sets the policy.

'He's never had a hair's just kind of part of his identity, ' Oates said.

"I don't believe that short hair should be required to get an education", she explains.

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She was aware of school's hair policy at the time of registration.

On Monday, Oates made a decision to put her son's hair into a bun but that also did not pass the dress code laid down by the school district.

Oates went on Facebook this week to seek support from other parents. "It's part of my child".

"I bought him all his school supplies, his school clothes, his backpack and he was enthralled".

"All I have is the public school system and right now, that is absolutely failing my child", Oates continued. "When I signed the handbook I was informed that I could bring a letter stating that it could remain long for cultural and religious reasons. However, consequences for dress code violations will be enforced".

Barbers Hill since released a statement on the policy to KTRK writing, 'Our local elected board has established policy based on community expectations, and Barbers Hill administration will continue to implement the said policy'. They like cutting hair.

'I will not cut his hair, ' Oates said sternly. "He doesn't understand why he is not allowed in school over something so trivial". Now he is home, no longer allowed in class because of the length of his hair.



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