Ron Howard Visits A Rough Corner of the Galaxy

Han Solo

It's tough to say what Ron Howard's recent strategies have been when it comes to revealing images and videos from the set of the Han Solo spin-off. The film has been in production for just over six months and is on its second director, as Ron Howard took over for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller following their firing in June.

Have you ever wondered how Han Solo knew how to use the "Boring conversation anyway" control panel aboard the Death Star? Taking to social media, Howard tweets "The Empire Looms Large", while sharing a picture of what appears to be the control room of the Death Star. Fans will immediately recognize the typical helmet of the engineers of the Death Star.

But again, that information is no longer canonical, so it remains to be seen how it could factor into the Han Solo movie. This has not been confirmed yet, though it will not come as a surprise should the planet destroyer end up in the movie. The Death Star in particular has been a major focal point for several movies, specifically in Episode 4 "A New Hope" and the first spinoff title "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story".

Other photos shared by the director revealed prop food that looked like cranberries, a look at Chewbacca with another Wookiee and the inclusion of droids in the upcoming movie. But his newest photo teases the appearance of at least one Imperial baddie.

We know already that the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo story will focus primarily on the origins of the friendship between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, featuring how Lando lost the Falcon in an epic game of Sabaac to Han.



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