Pics of new Rs 50 note go viral

Banks need massive capital infusion to overcome NPA problem: RBI governor

Meanwhile, a government official was quoted saying by The Hindu Business Line that the new notes will sport the motif of a South Indian temple on the reverse. The notes issued by the RBI in the earlier series will continue to remain legal tender, it added. New Rs 50 note colored to a fluorescent blue and Geometric patterns aligning with the overall color scheme can be seen both at the front and back of the new Rs 50 note. The new note will measure 66 mm x 135 mm.

Now, recently a popular news paper published that India will get its first blue-colored Rs 50 notes, after its first pink colored 2000 notes and the stone gray Rs 500 currency notes were introduced past year during November.

RBI data shows that currency in circulation stood at Rs15.70 trillion as on 11 August, over nine months after demonetization.

The new currency has denominational number 50 in Devnagri script. Now, Images of a new Rs. 50 note with a new design and serial number creates a buzz in social media.

A Windowed demetallized security thread with inscriptions "BHARAT" in Devnagri and RBI.

Ashoka Pillar emblem is to the right.

Since then there have been speculations of new currency notes and coins being pumped in the economy soon.

It also features a motif of Hampi with chariot.



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